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Grow Your Business Concept


from day to day admin, customer service, operations, & more.



traditional and social, creative assests, branding, & more

To do list.


everyday life doesn't stop just because you work.

how do I know if I need a virtual assistant?

Box with Tick Mark

can't keep up with your calendar? lacking organization?

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do you find yourself procrastinating on your admin tasks even though they need to be completed so your business can keep running smoothly?

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having trouble streamlining your processes, systems and operations?

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have everyday tasks become overwhelming, leaving you without time to focus on core tasks and business strategies needed to grow your business?

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struggling to keep up with the efforts needed for online growth?

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failing at customer retention?

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working long hours on a regular basis, burnt-out with no time for family and friends?

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have everyday tasks become overwhelming, leaving you without time to focus on core tasks and business strategies needed to grow your business?

Delegation in company. Organizational structure from pins and strings on the board.
Male Entrepreneur Looking at His Vision Board

"if you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you've got to learn to delegate."

-richard branson



  • business strategy support
  • creating/updating SOPs and policies and procedures
  • day to day operations (ex: ordering, research)
  • internal employee programs and resources
  • & more

customer service

  • customer queries: email, phone, chat, social
  • elevated, personalize customer interactions
  • resolving customer complaints
  • returns process
  • SOPs and policies and procedure develepment and implementation


  • email management, responding, organization
  • calendar maintenance, scheduling
  • creating presentations: Google Slides, PowerPoint, Canva
  • transcription
  • file management
  • onboarding
  • & more

... more

curated assist is here to provide you with a unique experience with services tailored to your needs. book a call to discuss more options.



  • target market and competitor analysis
  • brand promotional strategies
  • target market opportunity
  • social media strategy
  • action plans
  • marketing calendar


Define your brand, develop brand strategy, company values, and brand recognition.

  • style guide
  • brand style guide
  • complete branding kit


  • web design: visual look and functionality of website for user experience
  • web design + basic web build out
  • custom or template assets for digital or print
  • content creation for social media

social media management

  • manage posts and scheduling
  • maintaining account interactions and engagement
  • hashtag and keyword strategy
  • multiple platforms

day to day

  • appointment scheduling and calendar management
  • shopping and ordering for household
  • emails and correspondence
  • research
  • meal planning

special events and occasions

  • remote party planning and management
  • travel planning and arrangements


who is curated assist?

i’m Ariel, a jill-of-all-trades virtual assistant providing remote support and services for business owners and entrepreneurs near and far!

over the last 11 years i have worked for global brands and companies developing a passion for marketing, leading customer experience programs, managing and growing national community programs, conceptualizing and executing local and national events, and working with leaders in supply chain and sales. from social media management and content creation for small businesses, to on-boarding SaaS and retail customers ranging from small business to enterprise. i have helped develop brands, and designed and built out retail stores.

my professional journey has provided me with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and build community. with my background, naturally creative mind, and emotional intelligence i have the unique ability to see (or help you build!) your vision. i use this “magic” to curate services specific to your needs.

i'd love to help you grow and take back your time!

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"your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow"